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  • Different interior design styles: Their types explained

    11 July 2022

    A range of interior design styles have dominated the realm of design for long. Each of these design types have a unique characteristic and experience. Here is a rundown of the world’s most renowned interior design styles and how they revamp an existing expanse:

    1. Transitional style: This type of design combines classic elements of traditionalism with some contemporary updates in the form of clean lines and accessories.

    2. Art deco style: This iconic design was birthed in the early twentieth century and was later heavily inspired by the Industrial Revolution. Hence, a lot of metal was incorporated into furniture design.

    3. Classical: This design style basically takes cues from classical tradition, classical civilisations and antiquity. This style was increasingly popular during the Renaissance and was later revived in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    4. Contemporary: This design type is best described as luxury modern. It is best described with furniture lines which are uncomplicated and clean, with integral and innovative finishes. Lighting is a very important element in this design. 

    5. Country: This particular kind of style denotes provincial european style. The presence of antique furniture or accessories is very common. It is further accompanied with florals, traditional colour palettes and multiple other aspects.

    6. Industrial: The industrial design style has an appeal of lofts, warehouses and a chic undone aesthetic. The high-ceilings define some of the most eye-catching spaces.

    7. Hollywood Regency: This interior design style is characterised with high glamour, pop of colour and the glamorous residences of the Cinema’s Golden Era movie stars.

    8. Mid-century modern: This American design style is an amalgam of modern and Scandinavian movements of design.

    The beauty of design is such, it is constantly evolving and dynamic in nature. This is why one needs to be updated with the ongoings of different elements of design. At The Arch Mansion, one can benefit from an entire leeway of designs: From minimalist to traditional and transitional. It harbours designs in the form of artefacts, furniture and other items of importance. Visit The Arch Mansion to know more.


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