The Arch Mansion

We are an exclusive curator of arts and artifacts that firmly stands by the craft of our traditional Indian artisans. We are here to showcase the cream of their crop by promising durability, sustainability and bespoke luxury to our customers. We believe in the upliftment of our artisans’ lifestyles along with the social inclusion of their sustainable crafts which have withheld time and stood as a testimony to the legacies.

India is home to countless artisans and craftsmen who’ve meticulously mastered skills that have been passed down over generations. We are the humble custodians of that Indian craftsmanship, the undying legacy that is worth admiration. We stand testimony to the skilled workforce who weave regional techniques into timeless masterpieces that are curated after giving ample detail to every accent and nuance.

We tend to reimagine contemporary spaces and materialise the passion of our artisans in our products. We seek to inspire vigour and vitality in the heart of every onlooker. Surpassing regional geographies and serving as a melting pot for various cultures, the products harboured by The Arch Mansion seek to give you a luxurious taste of indulgence while maintaining the very pride of Indian craftsmanship.

Hand-made furniture is indeed our forte and our local craftsmen turn an idea into an objet d’art using their long-standing skills and experience which runs deep in their veins.
Every handmade piece of furniture has a story to tell. The story of the person behind it, their thoughts and musings as they work – which makes it a one-of-it-kind piece. Ours is an approach that celebrates local resources, cultural influences and a keen sensitivity to details.
We are here to equip your space with bespoke luxury enmeshed with Indian artisanal craftsmanship, which blends local culture and folklore.


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