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  • What does industrial style decor mean?

    24 May 2022

    Inspired by the sheer beauty of repurposed factories, Industrial style decor features a lot of open space and metal. It embraces the nuances of industrial revolution and also follows a minimalist design philosophy. This type of design is often incorporated by people who love the concept of contemporary homes. If we introspect, it’s actually an amalgam of mid-century modern and farmhouse style, which ultimately results in a cozy blend of a space. Following the first and second industrial revolution, people started facing a shortage of homes in 2000s and considered converting their factories into industrial loft apartments with open floor plans. Eventually, with the rise of minimalism and hyggae, industrial decor was further moulded into something more refined, more clean and simple. Little did we know that it would take form as a complete, independent style of decor!

    The essential characteristics of industrial interior design:

    Neutral colour palette: Industrial designs usually incorporate various spectrums of whites, grey and blacks with hues of brown.

    They embrace the art of natural lighting: Industrial decor is all about open, wide spaces. They usually incorporate large natural windows and big panes.

    They usually highlight architectural materials: This type of decor usually has high ceilings and open floor plans. They also feature bricks, concrete floors, industrial pipes and visible ductwork.

    Usage of repurposed materials: From a bookshelf made of reclaimed materials to repurposed dining tables, this form of decor is all about upcycling.

    Bare light bulbs: Industrial style decor is all about keeping it raw and natural. This form of decor loves large metal domes and floor lamps which are visibly in your face.

    Graphic lines: This style loves some clean, neat and geometrically inspired graphic lines on various elements of decor. These lines are usually created with black metals and are very maximalist in nature.

    An industrial style decor oozes functionality, charisma and elegance. From basically born in spaces arising from old factories and warehouses, this type of design has now had a very heavy influence on contemporary design. The Arch Mansion believes in uplifting all forms of designs, from neutral to maximalist, and that is very well exuded in the brand’s products. Go through our catalogue to know how the elements of industrial design can be incorporated in your spaces.


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