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  • A Closer Look at Indian Wood and Indian Furniture

    22 March 2022

    Every country has its unique take on craftsmanship and art that is inspired by the country’s heritage, culture and tradition. Crafting furniture is no less than an art, and India is no stranger to this art. The long and enriched history of Indian Wood and Furniture dates back to medieval times. India is known for its diverse culture that has influenced the mixture of styles and designs that we all see today. Although traditional furniture was not a part of Indian culture in earlier times. However, it didn’t stop people from creating unique pieces of furniture for their utility.

    The Southern part of India was the region that mastered the art of woodwork and furniture in the year 1336 AD, which started the country’s rich history of intricately craving fine pieces of wooden furniture. The artisans in ancient times were inspired and encouraged by the royalty of the kingdoms, which led them to create extraordinary furniture. Apart from the classic furniture pieces, decorated walls, doors, pillars and archways can be found in various parts of India. The skilled artisans worked tirelessly to create eye-catching pieces of furniture through their handcrafted architecture that can be seen across temples today. These artisans were heavily motivated by the deep and rich literature of India. Ebony wood was regarded as the most used wood in handcrafting furniture throughout the royal families in Southern India. Wooden artefacts of ancient times are living examples of the rich and beautiful works of the Indians artisans.

    Walnut wood was a prevalent wood in the Northern part of India. Artisans of northern India used wood to transform into exceptions pieces of furniture. The Mughals in the 16th and 17th century strongly influenced the designs and crafting of the furniture through their culture and literature and helped in popularizing the use of furniture which were traditionally used for ceremonial purposes.

    Not many people are aware of Indian furniture and craftsmanship, but Indian handicrafts are considered one of the most unique and rich forms of art across the world. Indian wood and furniture are of great importance today, with people investing in antique furniture pieces as a symbol of traditional Indian art and design. India is a country of wide species of trees, which helps the craftsmen in making furniture of various variety with each having a unique distinctiveness. Indian furniture is well known for its impeccable beauty and utility, which sets them apart from other furniture. Craftsmen and artisans in India have been handcrafting furniture with Rosewood and Shisham due to their resilience and the quality of the carving. Ebony, Mango, Teak and Acacia are also among the popular woods in India used for handcrafting furniture.

    Handcrafted wooden furniture will always have an important place in India’s rich culture and art. The Arch Mansion is a premium furniture store that believes in giving you the best of traditional Indian furniture. We handcraft furniture with the finest materials, and our artisans are known for their master craftsmanship. Choose The Arc Mansion for all your furniture needs.


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