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  • How to choose the right rug?

    17 March 2022

    It is rightly said, “The right rug puts the room together.” An expanse is barely complete without a rug. It breathes life into a space and makes it more wholesome. Investment in a rug should be done with ample consideration and detail because it learns to stay within the corners of your home for years. The versatility of rugs is also a very dominating factor in choosing one for your space. Hence, the dilemma to opt for the right rug is perennial. However, with a few factors in mind, one can make the right investment and purchase a rug that suitably fits the corners of your home. 

    1. Know your space to know your rug:

     The size and design of the rug usually depends upon the surface area that it has to encompass. The huge, sprawling, open concept spaces are more likely to benefit from rugs which are huge and multiple in number. They also help in the separation of rooms in the absence of walls. 

    2. The size matters: 

    It is important to determine the size of the rug for it to not obstruct the overall room of the space. Nothing is worse than walking on the perimeters of a rug. Hence, one should always keep in mind that the utility and functionality of the rug comes way before its decorative accents. A rule of thumb to size a rug in an expanse is by ensuring that it reaches underneath all four feet of all the furniture. 

    3. Pattern or plain? Take your pick:

     An explicit, bold and graphic rug is a choice of a lot of people who love maximalist details. However, opting for a monochromatic, toned rug is also worth the abashed appeal. It ultimately all comes down to personal preference. A lover of contemporary art would prefer something patterned and a lover of traditional accents may opt for something plain and muted. 

    4. Take your pick on the material: 

    Rugs come in a  range of materials, from cotton, linen, jute and sisal to wool, silk and mohair. Some of these materials ace better than the rest in terms of their aesthetic value, such as silk. However, the rest of the materials ace the functionality aspect a lot better, such as sisal. 

    With careful determination and consideration of these factors, you can choose the right rug for your space. Or to avoid the hassle altogether, consider the rugs online from The Arch Mansion, for they are indeed a class apart. Curated from the finest materials by master craftsmen, these rugs are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor spaces. If you’re on the lookout for rugs for your living room, we are here to help you out with a range of rug designs to choose from. We can also help you with rugs decor ideas and curation techniques for your personalised space at a teeny additional cost. Choose from an array of rugs for your room from us.


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